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Estate Planning

Knowing your lifetime of hard work and assets are being looked after when you’re gone provides great peace of mind. It can be a difficult topic, but Estate Planning is incredibly important if you want to ensure your wealth is passed on as you would like, following your death. At SFS, we look at inheritance planning, life insurance, superannuation and tax implications to ensure your wealth is protected according to your intentions.

Estate planning also ensures that when you die, or become unable to manage your affairs personally, that those who have responsibility for you and your assets know what you want them to do and can ensure your wishes are followed through.

There are two aspects to estate planning:

  • The provision of power to those who will look after you in the case of incapacity - examples of such powers include medical, lifestyle and financial.

  • Your Will - these can sometimes be simple but in today's world of blended families, there can often be complications. Those with substantial assets may need to consider trusts within their Wills.

The assistance of an experienced estate planning professional is essential. But before engaging your chosen legal counsel, your Strategic Financial Solutions adviser can assist with putting your Estate plan together. We will help you to clearly capture your intentions and discuss your options with you. We can then outline all requirements, so a Solicitor simply needs to implement the plan, saving you time and money.

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