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Savings Strategies & Debt Management

We’re taught from a young age to ‘save for a rainy day’. Having cash put aside for unknown expenses as well as providing the ability to make lifestyle decisions, all stems from the habitual behaviour of putting money aside consistently.

At Strategic Financial Solutions, we take the same approach. A savings plan plays a key role in the overall success of your financial plan to accumulating wealth and financial security.

To get started, we advise on four simple steps to get your savings plan on the right track:

  • Write down your savings goals. A new car, dream house, overseas holiday.

  • Work out how much you need to save to achieve each of those targets - be realistic and adjust your goals accordingly. It can be tough but you’re only setting yourself up for failure if you’re not honest about what you can actually achieve.

  • Write down your savings goals. A new car, dream house, overseas holiday.

  • Finally, set up a high interest savings account - have your employer deposit your savings commitment directly into this account or set up regular payments yourself.

Now that you've made a start, congratulate yourself. You are one of just 5% of the population who have planned to save to achieve their goals.

We have plenty more ways to help you get on track and set up a savings plan that will benefit you now and well into your future.

Debt Management

Strange as it may seem, we see debt as an opportunity. Many people don’t realise that debt can actually be a useful tool to achieve your financial goals. SFS can help you properly use debt to create wealth and minimise tax.

We understand investors can be nervous using debt or gearing to expand and diversify an investment portfolio. That’s why we carefully review your debt position, work with you to establish a debt strategy and work with your debt providers to structure that debt correctly.

SFS can also review your current debt situation to enhance your investment opportunities or ensure you have an optimised tax position.

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