Carissa, mid 40s

The power of a phone call

You don’t stick with someone for almost 20 years if you don’t trust them. For me, trust is key, and it’s something I feel whenever I am dealing with the Strategic Financial Solutions team.

Whilst holidaying up on the Sunshine Coast in the early 2000s, my husband and I were relishing the warmer weather and coastal views, seriously considering purchasing an investment property by the beach. A place we could escape to every year, rent out in between and make a solid return on – how could anyone argue with that? Well, thankfully one of my work colleagues back in Melbourne did. A quick phone call changed our potential mistake and we were referred on to Strategic Financial Solutions for some expert advice.

I’m a fairly ‘straight down the line’ kind of person and appreciate people who treat me the same way. So, from the second we met Kay, I knew we’d found someone who mirrored our values. She was genuine, down to earth and clearly an expert in her field. The rest of the team were the same. We had an instant rapport with them and felt immediate trust in their capability and advice.

Since that meeting, the SFS team have set us up with a solid foundation for the future. We have a diverse portfolio that is managed personally by them. They are pro-active and present opportunities that we would otherwise not discover ourselves. At a still young age, it’s so comforting to feel in control of our finances today, and our future. Even in times of world-chaos, their calm heads, experience and ability to see through the panic is so reassuring.

I genuinely feel like they are looking out for me. I hate to think what could have happened had we not been introduced to SFS all those years ago. We’re so glad we found them when we did and look forward to more years of their invaluable advice, honesty and expertise.

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