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Financial health has never been so important for families.
 June 2021

With a young family myself, I certainly understand the stresses that come from balancing family, work-life and financial wellbeing.

The importance of celebrating milestones
24 August 2020

For those of our readers who are too young to remember milestones, they were posts on the side of the road signifying how many miles to the nearest large town. They also marked how many miles from the previous town.  These milestones were very important when most travel on the road were horses and carts.  Not so important now when the GPS in our cars tells us everything we need to know about the road ahead.

What’s not so super about super
20 April 2020

For the last 25 years, the SFS Team have been describing to our clients why Superannuation is so valuable as a savings vehicle to build wealth from which to create a solid platform for a comfortable retirement. Putting aside the tax advantages, there is also the discipline of regular saving and investing.

Waiting for the storm to ease may be a long wait
26 March 2020

Until recently the recent gyrations in financial markets had been compared with the 2007 – 09 global financial crisis. Now some elements of both the popular and more professional business media are looking to October 1987 (some 33 years ago now) to find a precedent to the wild swings that we are now seeing.

The future is here
4 June 2019

It has been an amazing six months. I was privileged to attend the JP Morgan Research Summit In October 2018 in Taipei where I got an insight at where Asia is now and where it is heading in terms of its economic development. What an exciting part of the world we are privileged to live in.

The only woman in the room!!!
7 May 2019

For the past thirty years I have been frustrated at the lack of progress of women in Financial Services. I endlessly complain to anyone who cares to or is polite enough to listen. The percentage of female advisers remains small and the number of female senior portfolio managers minuscule. Why?