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Tax Planning & Redundancy Advice

To help minimise how much tax you are paying, our advice focuses on tax minimisation strategies and utilises opportunities in the tax system to make the most of your financial plans.

Key areas covered by these strategies include:

  • Your Superannuation contributions

  • Implementation of tax effective accumulation and income distribution strategies – these may utilise trusts including self-managed superannuation funds

  • Deductible expense strategies including borrowing for investment

  • Management of Capital Gains Tax liabilities

  • Gifting of assets, which can also impact Centrelink entitlements.

Redundancy Advice

Life can present unexpected situations. Separations, death, promotions, pregnancy, inheritance. Navigating these sudden and life changing moments can be overwhelming, especially with no warning. Being made redundant, is no exception. Many people find themselves ticking along with life and their career for several years and then suddenly they’re unemployed and not sure what’s next.

But within this moment, there can also be positive financial opportunities, especially if you receive a significant redundancy package. Many people often see this as small ‘lottery’ win that they don’t want to waste. Knowing the best way to look after this money can require expert advice.

At SFS, we’re the experts who can help. A number of us lived through the 1991 recession. We’ve helped several clients - from almost three decades back - translate sudden unemployment and subsequent income into long term investments that have provided financial security and stability for their future.

So, if you find yourself in this situation, call us. We deliver advice with empathy, clarity and years of experience. So you can rest, assured your money will be protected.

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