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    The Importance of Estate Planning at Strategic Financial Solutions

    Knowing your lifetime of hard work building your wealth are being looked after when you’re gone provides great peace of mind. Estate planning can often be a complex topic to broach, but it is crucial to ensure your wealth and assets are passed on as per your wishes following your death or incapacity.

    At Strategic Financial Solutions, we understand the unique complexities that come with helping you to create an estate plan and ensuring your wishes are met. In conjunction with your estate planning lawyer or legal representative, we look at inheritance planning, life insurance, superannuation and tax implications to ensure your wealth is protected according to your intentions.

    Smart estate planning also ensures that when you die or become unable to manage your affairs personally, those who have responsibility for you and your assets know what you want them to do and can ensure your wishes are followed through.

    There Are Two Aspects To Estate Planning

    The provision of powers (Powers of Attorney) to those who will look after you in the case of incapacity – examples include medical, lifestyle and financial. The choice of a power of attorney who can make legal and financial decisions on your behalf is critical and must be thought through carefully.
    Your Will – A will can sometimes be simple, but in today’s world of blended families, there can often be complications that will require careful consideration. Those with substantial assets may need to consider testamentary trusts within their Wills to add an extra layer of asset protection. These testamentary trusts, which are created on the death of the Will maker, can also help with minimising tax and protecting vulnerable beneficiaries.

    How Strategic Financial Solutions Can Help With Your Estate Planning Needs

      Estate planning advice at SFS offers peace of mind. We know from experience that a team approach combining the professional advice of an experienced financial planner, an accountant and an estate planning lawyer will give you further assurance that your wishes will be met. Knowing that your legacy is secure and your loved ones are taken care of is invaluable. We work closely with you, your lawyer and your accountant to understand your unique family dynamics and financial situation, which enables us to craft a customised estate financial plan that not only meets your current needs but is adaptable enough to accommodate any future changes in your life.

      As your financial advisors, we at SFS believe that effective estate planning is a vital component of holistic financial planning. It’s about taking control today to protect what matters most tomorrow. With our expert advice, you can rest assured that your legacy is preserved, and your wishes are honoured, bringing a sense of security and comfort to both you and your loved ones.

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      Our Estate Planning Services

      Estate Planning

      Before engaging a Solicitor to create your Will, our team can assist you in putting together your Estate Plan. We will help you clearly capture the intentions and wishes for your estate and discuss the implementation options with you.

      Establishment of Trusts

      Establishing robust trust structures to manage your assets, provides security and benefits your beneficiaries as per your directives.

      Asset Protection
      Implementing strategies to safeguard your assets from potential risks and uncertainties, preserving your wealth for future generations.
      Legacy Planning
      Thoughtful planning to ensure your legacy is maintained and cherished, reflecting your life’s values and achievements.
      Power of Attorney

      Arranging legal powers of attorney to ensure your affairs are managed according to your wishes in any circumstance.

      Estate Administration

      Providing comprehensive support in administering your estate, easing the process for your loved ones during difficult times.

      Why Choose Us For Estate Planning?

      • Proven Expertise
      With years of experience in estate planning, our team has the knowledge and skill to handle even the most complex estates.
      • Personalised Approach
      We understand that every client’s situation is unique, and we tailor our estate planning services to meet your specific needs and goals.
      • Comprehensive Solutions
      We work with solicitors to cover every aspect of estate planning, ensuring a complete solution for your legacy.
      • Client-Centric Care
      Our focus is always on providing the best possible service to our clients, with attention to detail and a commitment to understanding your individual circumstances.
      • Future-Focused Strategies
      We stay ahead of the curve in terms of legal and financial changes, ensuring your estate plan is robust and relevant for the future.
      • Empathetic Support
      We offer compassionate and understanding support throughout the estate planning process, recognising the sensitive nature of planning for the future.

      Our Process

      Your journey begins with an in-depth discussion to understand your unique needs, goals, and family dynamics, setting the foundation for a tailored estate plan.


      We conduct a thorough assessment of your assets, liabilities, and overall financial situation to create a comprehensive estate planning strategy.
      Our experts design a customised estate plan, including all essential components and ensuring every detail aligns with your wishes.
      Together, we review the proposed plan, making any necessary adjustments to ensure it perfectly reflects your intentions and provides peace of mind.
      Once finalised, we assist in implementing your estate plan, ensuring all legal and financial arrangements are in place.
      We provide ongoing support and regular reviews, adjusting your plan as needed to accommodate life changes or legal updates.


      What is Estate Planning?
      Estate planning is the process of arranging how your assets will be managed and distributed after your passing or in the event of incapacitation.
      Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?
      An estate plan ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, provides for your loved ones, and can reduce taxes and legal complications.
      At What Age Should I Start Estate Planning?
      It’s never too early to start estate planning. We recommend beginning as soon as you have assets or dependents to consider.
      How Often Should My Estate Plan Be Reviewed?
      We suggest reviewing your estate plan every 3-5 years or after major life events like marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or significant changes in assets.
      Can I Do Estate Planning Myself?
      While it’s possible to do some planning on your own, professional advice is invaluable for ensuring all legal aspects are properly addressed and your plan is comprehensive.
      How Long Does the Estate Planning Process Take?
      The duration varies depending on the complexity of your estate and your specific needs. The initial plan can often be developed within a few weeks.

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