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    Personalised Financial Solutions for Aged Care

    Customised financial solutions for aged care are crucial to address seniors’ unique financial challenges as they navigate the complex landscape of healthcare and living expenses in their later years. Due to its complexity, navigating the aged care system requires a strategic approach, including understanding regulations, fees, charges, and the income and asset assessments necessary to optimise financial benefits within the system.

    Whether you’re approaching retirement or thinking about your future, now is the time to manage your finances and prepare for the costs of aged care in Melbourne. Strategic Financial Solutions is the perfect partner to put your finances on the path to success, considering factors such as health, income, and assets.

    Aged care financial planning is a complex area. The transition towards aged care services can be a difficult time for you and your family, but here at SFS, our friendly financial advisors will help you plan a brighter tomorrow by implementing the right strategies today.

    Let Us Help You Navigate Aged Care with Our Tailored Financial Advice

    The Importance of Specialised Financial Planning for Aged Care

    The Importance of Specialised Financial Planning for Aged Care

    Specialised financial planning for aged care is crucial due to the unique and complex challenges older individuals face.  As people age, they often encounter increased healthcare costs, long-term care needs, and potential changes in living arrangements.

    Aged care financial planning considers these factors, providing a tailored approach to ensure financial security during the later stages of life.

    This specialised planning helps people navigate the intricacies of government-supported aged care programs, optimise pension and superannuation benefits, and allocate resources for potential medical expenses. Moreover, it addresses estate planning considerations and strives to preserve assets for the well-being of the individual and their heirs.
    Our specialised financial advisers can use their experience to assist you through the process and overcome an array of challenges, such as:
    • Coping with the financial burden of seeking residential care, including planning for both in-home care and residential aged care accommodation
    • Verifying your eligibility for Australia’s aged care scheme
    • Completing the financial documents to help you receive the best support
    • Minimizing and optimally structuring your Aged Care fees
    By engaging in specialised financial planning for aged care, the experts at Strategic Financial Solutions can proactively assist you in managing your financial affairs, maintaining a comfortable standard of living, and ensuring a legacy that reflects your values and intentions. We will empower you to face the challenges of ageing with financial confidence and peace of mind.

    Our Aged Care Financial Services

    When turning to professionals for advice with your aged care money matters, SFS is the only team you need. We provide an extensive range of personalised services, ensuring that you only pay for the support you need.
    Thanks to our knowledge, expertise, and desire to help you, the SFS team can provide assistance with:
    • Administrative services - preparing documents, liaising with government offices and departments, assessing the suitability of services, including guidance on managed funds and other financial products.
    • Pension advice - to ensure you have a satisfactory income stream during retirement to reduce the financial strain of aged care.
    • Budgeting - to understand the fees that may be expected for different aged care services as well as ongoing costs.
    • Estate planning - to ensure that capital can be used to support your retirement and aged care while loved ones can still benefit from your estate after you pass.
    • Retirement planning - offering specialised advice for managing money related to superannuation and planning for retirement as part of aged care financial services.

    Furthermore, we can advise you on how to complete your applications and ensure that your expected contributions towards aged care are minimal.

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    A Caring Approach to Your Financial Planning

    Here at SFS, we’re not just experts in financial planning, but we also embrace the needs of those transitioning to alternative accommodation and aged care advice. We look beyond the numbers and focus on fostering a relationship built on trust, clear communication, and personalisation.

    Our expertise in the legislation and regulations around the available government support allows us to deliver a professional service, but it’s our compassionate approach that helps us stand out from the crowd. We will:
    • Complete a full consultation to understand your financial situation and objectives in relation to aged care financial preparations
    • Advise you on the financial implications of all investment options and how you can maximise government support
    • Plan financial strategies that keep your future aged care in mind while simultaneously removing financial risks for your family
    • Manage all paperwork related to the financial services above, as well as direct aged care financial eligibility applications
    • Provide regular support to track the performance of your assets and the impact of any financial decisions.

    Whether you are looking for an aged care facility today or considering potential support you may need later, we’re here to help. With SFS on your side, you’ll have 100% confidence at every stage of the journey. 

    Why Choose Us Aged Care Financial Advice?

    • Experience & Reputation

    Our experts at SFS have been helping people like you with financial planning needs for aged care since 1995. We are an established firm with a proven record of being one of Australia’s top financial service providers.

    • Personalised Support
    You don’t just need aged care advice to make money work harder. You need the support of aged care specialists who can deliver a comprehensive service that aligns with your circumstances. Strategic Financial Solutions offers a fully tailored service to guide you through every step of the process.
    • Streamlined Services
    When you need aged care financial support, time is of the essence. Thanks to our strong working connections with various administrations and offices, the SFS team can help streamline the process to put you on the path to success. The earlier you take control, the better.
    • Local Support
    Located in South Melbourne, our aged care financial specialists are perfectly positioned to help you or your loved one gain the best support tailored to the Melbourne market, ensuring that the local community is taken into consideration for ageing in a dignified and comfortable manner.
    • Customer Care

    You deserve to know how your assets and ongoing income streams are performing. Our aged care financial advisers work with complete transparency throughout the process, answering any questions you may have and navigating complexity on your behalf.

    • Superior Results
    Above all else, Strategic Financial Solutions is known for helping families like yours gain the optimal level of aged care financial support that aligns with your and your families lifestyle and objectives. This translates to a better quality of life for you or your loved ones, as well as empowering you to move forward into aged care with confidence.


    What types of aged care services are available in Australia?

    Australia offers a range of aged care services, including residential care, home care, and flexible care options, tailored to meet the diverse needs of older individuals.

    How can individuals assess their eligibility for government-funded aged care support?
    Eligibility for government-funded aged care support is determined through the My Aged Care assessment process, where professionals evaluate an individual’s care needs and help them access appropriate services.
    What financial assistance is available for aged care in Australia?
    The Australian government provides financial support through the Aged Care Pension and various subsidies, helping seniors offset the costs associated with residential or home-based aged care services.
    How can families be involved in caring for their loved ones in aged care facilities?

    Families can actively participate in the care of their loved ones by engaging with facility staff, attending care planning meetings, and staying informed about the well-being and activities of the older person in the aged care facility.

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