To Kay and the team – many thanks for your very level-headed and calmly-reasoned rationale of our nation’s economic crisis – invaluable qualities to display in a panicky environment like our present one.

    Terance & Jennifer
    Kay and the team do not just blindly follow the instructions of some faceless analyst in a brand-named platform. For over five years we’ve watched the team question and interrogate the analysts and their recommendations. SFS forms its own opinion and recommends strategies and products for the person, not the group profile they fit into.
    We have been clients of SFS for over 15 years and we are very happy with the service we receive from the team. With SFS, we know that we have a whole team working for us and our investments. Thank you Kay and the team for your professional advice and friendship over the years. We would not hesitate in recommending SFS to our friends and family.
    I clearly remember my first meeting with Kay and Paul and the feeling of a massive load being lifted from my shoulders because of their empathy towards my situation and their willingness to assist me. Since that time I have been a very happy customer and rest with the knowledge that my retirement finances are indeed in very good, capable hands.