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    Our Comprehensive Financial Services

    At Strategic Financial Solutions, we are your dedicated financial advisor in Melbourne, offering a wide range of tailored financial services designed to address your specific needs and help you achieve your financial aspirations. Our comprehensive suite of services is your key to a more secure and prosperous financial future. As one of the boutique financial planning businesses in Melbourne, we focus on delivering personalised and tailored financial strategies to ensure your financial success.

    Wealth Creation
    Cash Flow Management
    Retirement Planning
    Debt Management
    Investment Advice
    Wealth Protection

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    Experienced Financial Planners in Melbourne

    At Strategic Financial Solutions, we specialise in providing highly personalised financial planning advice that takes into account your unique situation, needs and lifestyle objectives. Our goal is to help you achieve the life you desire, reducing your financial worries and enabling you to purposefully pursue your life’s journey.

    We have been proudly serving Melbourne for over 25 years, helping countless clients navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. As a boutique, self-licensed financial planning business, we build strong relationships with our clients based on honesty, empathy and integrity.

    In a business that many see as being all about numbers, we stand apart. The best financial advisors, in our view, are those who combine deep technical skills with experience, dedicating themselves to providing high-quality advice that helps clients avoid extremely poor financial advice, thereby achieving financial wellbeing and security for our clients.

    Join us on your journey toward a more secure and a prosperous and financially secure future.

    How We Can Help?

    Navigating the constantly evolving landscape of investments, wealth management, taxes and retirement planning can be daunting and stressful. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by financial jargon and uncertain about making the right financial decisions. Our goal is to optimise and maximise your financial life through personalised advice and tailored strategies.

    At Strategic Financial Solutions, we partner with you to navigate the intricacies of the financial world and to alleviate your financial stress. Our experienced financial advisors understand that each financial journey is unique and provide tailored solutions that align with your specific goals and aspirations.

    We offer a range of financial planning services including wealth creation, retirement planning, debt management and more. With a clear plan, and our guidance, you can gain control of your finances, achieve your personal financial goals and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from financial security.

    Let us be your trusted partner on your path to a brighter financial future.

    Why Choose Strategic Financial Solutions as Your Trusted Financial Advisors?

    • Bespoke Financial Advice

    We know that every client is unique. Our experienced financial planners collaborate closely with you to create a bespoke financial plan that considers your specific needs, objectives and tolerance for risk.

    • Experience You Can Trust

    Strategic Financial Solutions was founded in 1995. With over 25 years of experience providing personal financial advice to our Melbourne clients, our team has a deep understanding of the complexities of personal finance.

    • Self-Licensed Financial Planning Practice

    We are privately owned and have our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). Thus, unlike many of our competitors, we are not attached to any bank or other financial institution. Therefore, we do not have the conflicts of interest related to affiliated related financial products. This status also allows us to act as independent financial advisers, adhering to the criteria set by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

    • Comprehensive Range of Financial Services

    From wealth creation and retirement planning to debt management and estate planning, we offer a wide range of services under one roof. Our holistic approach ensures all aspects of your financial well-being are considered.

    • Female Led Business

    We take pride in being a female-led financial planning business and bring a unique perspective to the industry. We have a keen interest in furthering women’s understanding and knowledge of financial planning and demonstrate collaboration, empathy and innovative thinking.

    • Qualified Team of Expert Financial Advisers

    Our team of financial planners are fully qualified and regularly complete further education to equip themselves with the latest industry knowledge. Many of our team members also have Certified Financial Planner (CFP) qualifications.

    What To Expect From Us?

    A Collaborative Approach
    We partner with you to understand your situation and work with you to address your financial concerns. Together, we craft tailored strategies for your financial success and work with you to put these plans into action.
    Quality Advice

    Our team of highly qualified experienced professional financial planners provide high quality financial advice based on sound strategy and technical expertise.

    Clear Communication and Education
    We believe in transparency and clear communication. We explain difficult financial concepts in easy to understand language, ensuring you understand the strategies and decisions that shape your financial future.

    Ready to Take Control of Your Financial Future?

    What Our Happy Clients Say

    To Kay and the team – many thanks for your very level-headed and calmly-reasoned rationale of our nation’s economic crisis – invaluable qualities to display in a panicky environment like our present one.

    We have been clients of SFS for over 15 years and we are very happy with the service we receive from the team. With SFS, we know that we have a whole team working for us and our investments. Thank you Kay and the team for your professional advice and friendship over the years. We would not hesitate in recommending SFS to our friends and family.

    I clearly remember my first meeting with Kay and Paul and the feeling of a massive load being lifted from my shoulders because of their empathy towards my situation and their willingness to assist me. Since that time I have been a very happy customer and rest with the knowledge that my retirement finances are indeed in very good, capable hands.

    Our Process

    Initial Consultation

    We begin by understanding your goals and financial situation during a no-obligation consultation.

    Goal Assessment
    Together, our Melbourne financial advisors will identify your short-term and long-term financial goals. Whether it’s retirement planning, wealth creation, or debt management, we’ll tailor our approach to your unique objectives.
    Bespoke Financial Plan

    Our experienced advisors will work with you to create a customised financial plan designed specifically for you. This plan outlines the strategies and steps needed to achieve your financial vision.

    Implementation and Ongoing Support
    We will work with you to put this tailored financial plan into action. Our team provides regular support, helping you adapt to life changes, market shifts, and new opportunities as they arise.
    Regular Reviews
    We conduct regular reviews of your financial plan to ensure it remains aligned with your goals, lifestyle objectives, and any legislative changes. We’ll make adjustments as needed to keep you on track for success.

    Local and Australia Wide Service

    We work with individuals, families, and small businesses across greater Melbourne and Australia.

    • South Melbourne
    • Albert Park
    • Port Melbourne
    • South Yarra
    • Middle Park
    • Richmond
    • East Melbourne
    • Cremorne
    • Kew
    • Burnley
    • Toorak
    • Prahran
    • Hawthorn
    • Malvern
    • Camberwell
    • Jolimont
    • Fitzory
    • Collingwood
    • Carlton
    • Melbourne CBD
    • St Kilda
    • Glen Iris
    • Essendon
    • Ascot Vale
    • Ashburton
    • Malvern East
    • Williamstown
    • Flemington
    • Newport
    • Caufield
    • Brunswick
    • Yarraville
    • Coburg
    • Preston
    • Ivanhoe
    • Bulleen
    • Rosanna
    • Burwood
    • Oakleigh
    • Surrey Hills

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    Why Work With a Financial Advisor?
    A financial advisor can guide you on a path to understand your current financial situation and maximise your financial potential with targeted strategies. We can work with you and your family to make decisions that will add to the success of meeting your lifestyle goals and objectives, and use our knowledge and expertise to mitigate risks and enable your success.
    How Do I Get Started with Strategic Financial Solutions?

    You can contact us here or directly through the contact us page.

    Do You Provide Services Beyond Melbourne?
    Of course! We have clients from all over Australia although our physical premises are in Melbourne. We use Zoom and Microsoft Teams to hold virtual meetings with those clients who may not be able to attend in-person and we are also able to organise in-person meetings in other States in certain circumstances.
    At What Age Should I Seek Financial Advice?

    There is no one age that triggers the need for financial advice. Often a significant life event such as getting married, having children, getting a new job, buying a property or approaching retirement highlight the need to seek financial advice. However, time is often an asset in finance so if you have questions the sooner you get in touch the sooner we can provide guidance for meeting your long-term goals and objectives

    What Can I Expect from an Initial Appointment?

    We offer a 60 minute complimentary initial appointment where we will discuss who we are and how we work, what you are hoping to achieve from the process, your current financial situation, costs associated, and the value we can provide for your circumstances

    What Are Your Financial Planning Fees?

    Please note that before any work is undertaken we will provide you with a quote and will only commence once we receive your authorisation.

    As all our financial plans are tailored for each individual our fees vary depending on the complexity of our advice. You can see our Financial Services Guide here and we can be contacted here for a private discussion about your particular circumstances.

    Is it worth paying for a financial advisor ?

    Yes, it can be worth paying for a financial advisor if you need professional guidance to achieve your financial goals. Financial advisors can provide personalised advice tailored to your unique financial situation, help you make informed decisions about investments, retirement planning, tax strategies, estate planning, and more. The value of a financial planner also includes the potential to save you time and stress by managing complex financial tasks and helping you avoid costly mistakes. However, the worth of a financial advisor’s services may depend on your individual needs, financial complexity, and the quality of advice provided.

    Are financial advisers worth the cost?

    Financial advisers can be worth the cost for many individuals, especially those with complex financial situations or those seeking to optimise their financial planning and investment strategies. A good financial advisor not only helps in making informed financial decisions but can also offer insights into market trends, tax-saving strategies, and personalised investment advice that might not be easily accessible otherwise. The cost-benefit analysis of hiring a financial adviser depends on the specific services they provide, how they can help you achieve your financial goals, and whether the potential financial gains and savings outweigh the fees charged.

    Are financial advisors worth it in Australia?

    In Australia, financial planners can be particularly valuable due to the country’s complex tax system, superannuation regulations, and diverse investment opportunities. They can offer tailored advice to help you navigate these complexities, optimise your financial strategies, and work towards your long-term financial objectives, such as retirement planning, wealth accumulation, and tax efficiency. The worth of a financial planner in Australia also hinges on their ability to provide insights that align with your financial goals and circumstances. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research and choose a qualified, reputable financial advisor who can demonstrate how their services will benefit your financial journey.

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