Strategic Financial Solutions are financial advisers in South Melbourne.

Invested in your future

Find out why generations of clients have trusted us to make their real-life financial plans

We help clients realise their aspirations of better financial health and wellbeing across all stages of life.

Be it a first child or a work promotion, negotiating a separation or planning for retirement, we’re here to provide a friendly, informed helping hand through our advisory and ‘Do It for Me’ services. We assist with planning for savings, investments, cash flow management, superannuation and risk, as well as providing expert services to help you navigate the complexities of aged care.

Comfort in experience

In today’s uncertain times, expert financial advice and action is more important than ever. No matter who you are or what sort of financial advice you need, we believe in the power of four key elements in our service delivery; honesty, clarity, empathy and experience.

These four elements are essential building blocks in creating the trusted relationship you should expect when you’re seeking financial advice for your future.

Helping people like you

people like you, clare, early 40s

Clare, early 40s

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people like you, marianne, early 60s

Marianne, early 60s

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people like you, gabrielle, late 50s

Gabrielle, late 50s

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people like you, alan, mid 60s

Alan, mid 60s

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people like you, ian, mid 60s

Ian, mid 60s

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people like you, yochai, mid 60s

Yochai, mid 60s

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people like you, jo-anne, early 40s

Jo-Anne, early 40s

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Our blog

  Ready, set, retire - are you ready? With significantly more attention and conversation around it than ever before, retirement is the “It” topic of the finance world. 

Financial health has never been so important for families.
 June 2021

With a young family myself, I certainly understand the stresses that come from balancing family, work-life and financial wellbeing.

The importance of celebrating milestones
24 August 2020

For those of our readers who are too young to remember milestones, they were posts on the side of the road signifying how many miles to the nearest large town. They also marked how many miles from the previous town.  These milestones were very important when most travel on the road were horses and carts.  Not so important now when the GPS in our cars tells us everything we need to know about the road ahead.

What’s not so super about super
20 April 2020

For the last 25 years, the SFS Team have been describing to our clients why Superannuation is so valuable as a savings vehicle to build wealth from which to create a solid platform for a comfortable retirement. Putting aside the tax advantages, there is also the discipline of regular saving and investing.

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