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Invested In Your Future

Find out why generations of clients have
trusted us to make their real-life
financial plans

Strategic Financial Solutions Approach

In a business that many see as being all about numbers, Strategic Financial Solutions stands apart.

No matter who you are or what sort of help you need, we believe that everybody’s looking for the same things from a financial adviser. Honesty, clarity, empathy and experience.

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Sometimes you just need a second opinion

Our Services

We tailor our services to your needs, protecting and accumulating wealth to meet your lifestyle goals. We can also help manage the practical implementation of your plan from reconfiguring your superannuation and insurances, to navigating Centrelink.

If you're looking for Financial Services or a Financial Advisor for Building Wealth to gain Financial Independence, then Strategic Financial Solutions is the right choice.

Financial Independence & Protection Advisors

Gain financial protection & additional Income Streams. It's amazing how a simple chat with us can change your lives.


SFS Online, where you can get all of your financial needs

Our group of knowledgeable financial planners, advisors, and advisers is committed to assisting you in achieving your financial objectives by providing you with the most effective financial solutions and strategic financial advice.

Benefits Of Working With Us 

  • Our team of financial planners is ready to help you with all your financial planning needs, no matter where you live in. 


  • Our South Melbourne financial planning firm provides a wide range of financial services, including investment advice, superannuation, retirement, insurance, and estate planning.


  • We at SFS Online know that no two people's financial circumstances are the same. Our financial planners collaborate closely with you to create a bespoke financial plan that considers your specific circumstances, objectives, and tolerance for risk.


  • Our team of financial advisors is committed to providing you with the highest standard of financial services. We believe in providing transparent and ethical financial advice in your best interests.


  • Our financial solutions are designed to assist you in achieving your financial objectives, and our strategy for financial planning enables you to make well-informed decisions regarding your financial future. Our group of South Melbourne financial planners is here to assist you in saving for retirement, accumulating wealth, or safeguarding your assets.


  • We at SFS Online are committed to assisting you in achieving financial success and believe that high-quality financial advice should be available to everyone. We do this by providing

Client Testimonials




"To Kay and the team - many thanks for your very level-headed and calmly-reasoned rationale of our nation's economic crisis - invaluable qualities to display in a panicky environment like our present one.

March 2020

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