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    Expert Service From High Net Worth Wealth Advisors

    As top high net worth wealth advisors, Strategic Financial Solutions offers tailored advice to high-net-worth individuals in Melbourne. Over 25 years of industry experience as a trusted financial planning organisation allows us to manage hnw individuals’ complexities and unique financial situations.

    High-net-worth individuals are individuals with at least $1 million in liquid assets. These assets are invested or can be readily converted to cash and available for investment. At this level, personalised wealth protection and management can greatly assist in making sound investments.

    Our advisers provide highly personalised service to their clients:

    • Wealth management
    • Investment consulting
    • Estate planning and legacy advice
    • Tax planning and retirement planning

    Our trusted advisors work to give you the best possible advice most suited to your individual needs and goals. We create a strategy that focuses heavily on personalised and customised advice to protect, sustain and grow your wealth for you and your family.

    Why Choose Strategic Financial Solutions As Your Trusted Advisors in Melbourne

    High net-worth individuals have specific needs in managing their affairs. You might be looking to retire with asset protection, managing risk and estate and legacy planning as your key concerns. You could also be at the peak of your career, accumulating wealth quickly and looking for the right investment opportunities. From wealth creation to comprehensive asset management, our services are the key to a prosperous and successful financial plan.

    Whatever your unique situation, our trusted advisors provide bespoke services that acknowledge and understand your financial complexities and look after your best interests.

    How we can help you achieve continued success:

    • Personalised strategies to suit your specific needs
    • Comprehensive asset management and diversification
    • Smart Estate planning for you and future generations

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    Strategic Wealth Management For Your Financial Future

    Our team generates a personalised and strategic approach for high net worth investors. High net worth wealth advice is all about being personal and collaborative. It is the outcome of bringing several specialists together with the financial advisor and the client at the centre. Clients are often referred to our services by trusted accountants and solicitors who have advised the clients for years and trust us to help expand their clients’ financial future.

    We begin by actively listening to what the client is looking for by seeking advice.

    What do they want to achieve? What questions do they need answers to? What are their fears? What are their opportunities?

    Based on this knowledge, our team draws out further information that can later be used to develop specific strategies to address the client’s immediate concerns and a longer-term financial plan that can be modified and tracked over time as their personal circumstances change.

    Risk Assessment and Bespoke Solutions

    We look closely at your unique situation and your appetite for risk to align with yours. Our extensive understanding of investment markets and asset classes allows us to help you build a diverse portfolio of liquid and fixed assets. We craft our strategies to reflect your personal goals as well as changing market conditions to minimise your risks and maximise your potential gains.

    Regular Monitoring and Managing Change

    Our experience shows that not everything goes to plan. Our financial strategies are always crafted with this in mind. Family circumstances can change. Tax law can and do change. Financial plans need to be adaptable to these changing circumstances. These plans need to be continuously reviewed, monitored and measured over time. We stay informed on all developments to help you make the most informed decisions regarding your assets.

    Our Success Stories

    Trust and experience are essential when developing an effective relationship with a financial advisor. Our clients are often referred by existing, happy clients who have long-term relationships with us. Others are referred by their accountants and solicitors. Hear from one of our many satisfied clients below.

    Ultimately, my goal was to retire comfortably and as soon as possible. When we first met to discuss my situation, they focussed on me and what I wanted to achieve, rather than preconceived ideas or assumptions.

    I was impressed with their knowledge of the wealth growth market and expertise in navigating this world. SFS assessed my risk appetite and counselled me on taking a conservative approach, ensuring my current net worth was assured as best as possible.

    At the same time, they recommended choosing a growth plan that would see me retire sooner rather than later. They were honest and from the start set realistic expectations… For me, communication is key, and they do this really well. Just as I am starting to feel a little anxious about investment circumstances an email from SFS pops up providing insight into what is going on.

    If I have specific concerns or want to ask about my situation they are happy to set up a meeting. I always get logical and sound advice about what is going on. I never feel they are selling any particular view but, rather, are giving me several options and empowering me with knowledge and choice.


    At Strategic Financial Solutions, we look to protect and build on your hard work and set you up for future success. With a trusted and experienced financial adviser, you can make all the difference in growing your financial future and enhancing your quality of life.

    If you’re ready for personalised advice tailored for hnw individuals and their financial goals, reach out to our top high net worth wealth advisors.


    What is considered high net worth for financial advisors?

    For a person or family to be considered high net worth in Australia, the conventional definition is that they need to have a net worth of over $1 million in liquid assets. These are assets that can be invested or are easily converted to cash for future investment. This is not definitive, however. For some clients with higher income but less financial assets or have the potential to grow their assets quickly might also qualify as a prospective hnw client without meeting the $1 million hurdle.

    How much do top wealth advisors charge?

    Fees vary widely. Financial and wealth advisors will let you know their fees for the services offered before engagement. An advice business may charge a fixed fee or a percentage-based fee or a combination of both. Commissions may also be received for advice relating to insurance advice. It is up to the advice firm how they set their fees. As professionals, how much an advice firm charges depends on the level of complexity of the client’s situation and the number of services that are required.

    How much net worth do you need for wealth management?

    There’s no definitive amount that determines your need for wealth management. Comprehensive asset management and smart financial advice can be of value to varying income and assets levels. By speaking to a financial advisor initially, a client can obtain clarity on the value and the benefits they would receive on accessing financial advice from a professional that is based on their goals and financial situation.

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