Gabrielle, late 50s

Looking to retirement
In the busyness of life, my husband and I felt we didn’t have clarity around our financial position. As a result, we were in limbo regarding whether to rent or buy a home and whether to keep or sell our investment property overseas.

We also wanted more understanding of whether we were saving enough to live the kind of retirement that we envisaged for ourselves. We’re both busy with our careers and we agreed that we needed professionals, so we engaged Strategic Financial Solutions.

As I now look back, I realise that before engaging SFS, I was experiencing a low level of underlying anxiety, as I didn’t have a full picture of our finances. SFS definitely helped to resolve this feeling of uncertainty. They created models of various scenarios which really helped to give us a fuller understanding of our current situation and future scenarios. They also highlighted how our spending decisions today could get us to where we wanted tomorrow, and in the future.

We’re now much clearer making decisions, including day to day spending approaches that will impact our goals. There are sacrifices to be made, but it’s empowering because we know we’re making them for a reason. I’m also appreciating the little splurges along the way more than I did before.

SFS always explained things to us, without being condescending. They respectfully acknowledge that we know our field through and through and they seem to take pleasure educating us in a transparent way.

We bought the house in the end and gained a sense of control and clarity that comes with knowing where you’re at and where you’re going. Retirement is looking more appealing everyday thanks to the advice and ongoing service we receive from the SFS team.