Alan, mid 60s

Change in professional circumstances
When I was unexpectedly retrenched and given a sizeable separation package, I wanted to ensure I invested the money wisely. Initially, I approached our bank however, after paying a sizeable fee, they delivered a solution that appeared to be designed to benefit their investment products rather than my interests. So, I decided to follow my wife’s lead and speak to a professional – which led to my introduction to Strategic Financial Solutions.

Ultimately, my goal was to retire comfortably and as soon as possible. When we first met to discuss my situation, they focussed on me and what I was hoping to achieve, rather than preconceived ideas or assumptions. I was impressed with their knowledge of the wealth growth market and expertise in navigating this world.

SFS assessed my appetite for risk and counselled me on taking a conservative approach, ensuring my current net worth was assured as best as possible. At the same time, they recommended choosing a growth plan that would see me retire sooner rather than later. They were honest and from the start set realistic expectations. Even when they told me retirement was a few years farther into the future than I had originally thought, I felt confident they were working towards my goals.

For me, communication is key, and they do this really well. Just as I am starting to feel a little anxious about investment circumstances an email from SFS pops up providing insight into what is going on. If I have specific concerns or want to ask about my personal situation, they are happy to set up a meeting. I always get logical and sound advice about what is going on. I never feel they are selling any particular view but, rather, are giving me several options and empowering me with knowledge and choice.

The team at SFS are extremely approachable and friendly. Even when the news is not good, they project professional concern and the sense they are on your side. In today’s world, those traits can be rare and are needed more than ever.