Jo-Anne, early 40s

Seeking an adviser who ‘got me’
To say I’ve come across some dodgy and ingenuine advisers in my 40+ years is an understatement. You name the “Wealth Mastering” conference or “Get Rich now” seminar, and I’m likely to have seen it. My now-husband, and I, had wasted hours and dollars attending events that, sadly, provided no return. So, when we met Kay and the SFS team over 8 years ago, it was incredibly refreshing to meet people who were the complete opposite.

From our first conversation, I felt like I was talking to real humans who ‘got it’ and more importantly, ‘got me’. They were genuine, practical and above all, highly skilled. I felt heard and understood.

For me, Super was my first priority. We had a complicated self-managed fund that needed a lot of “un-doing” but the team never shied from the challenge. They completely understood what we had and how to get us back on track.

Since then, we have bought and sold property, gotten married, added to our Super and Insurance, changed roles professionally and, more recently, we’ve become parents. When life changes or big events take place, we’ve never hesitated in contacting the team and getting their expert advice. They have given us peace of mind and stability in what can be an unstable world and they’ve ensured we’re on track to reach our financial goals. I only wish I’d met them earlier.