Marianne, early 60s

Peace of mind now and in retirement
After 30 years in the banking industry, retirement was fast approaching. So, when I finally retired last year, it prompted my husband and I to put a financial plan together. Strategic Financial Solutions were recommended to us by a friend. We didn’t shop around and instead, chose to trust their referral. And we’re so grateful we did.

SFS have a very deep understanding of the industry. To begin, I had a very old and complicated superannuation policy which I didn’t expect them to understand. But they did. You could see the team had thought deeply about my situation before they came back with ideas and recommendations.

Their communications are a real strength too. They listen and never assume. They go out of their way to explain everything to ensure we’re across the detail and comfortable with what they put forward. They keep us in the loop at all times, are very open and manage the entire process for us really well.

From a personal goal perspective, we have always wanted a holiday house by the beach. Thanks to the help of SFS and some great advice, we’ve been lucky enough to already realise that dream.

We’ve both got peace of mind now. I’m personally no longer lying awake at night. We can both see a happy, comfortable retirement enjoying long beach days with our family and friends. My only complaint is that I wish I’d spoken to them earlier.