Yochai, mid 60s

Unexpected change in career
I could never imagine I’d be in the position I’m in today. I was 10 years into my dream job, working for a multinational company and suddenly, my world changed. 35,000 jobs were cut and mine was one of them. I found myself 65 years old and having to decide if I’d try to gain employment elsewhere or set up my own business. I knew immediately I needed a new way of working, not just professionally but also personally with my finances.

Whilst I was well regarded for work in science, technology and innovation when it came to financials, my skills were few and far between. I had been able to rely on a large corporate to manage all my super and a regular salary. But now I was on my own, I knew I needed an expert so I could dedicate my up-skilling efforts towards a new professional path. I wanted someone who could develop a clear and achievable road map to set me up now and into my later years. Trust was the most important trait for me when choosing a financial advisor.

Strategic Financial Solutions were referred to me through a friend and from the first meeting, I knew Kay and Ben were a team I could trust. Before we even started talking numbers, they said “we need to understand your story first”.

Over the years, they have helped me manage my super, helping me decide if it’s better for me to rent or buy property and how to live off a new income that relies solely on me. They time lined everything to my needs – not to get the best or fastest return for them. They also provided medium and long-term scenarios, in a language I understood.

Today, I feel in control and have full transparency of where my finances stand even when circumstances change. Whilst I’m still not an expert with financials, I don’t feel I need to be anymore, as I have a partner I trust. And if I ever need to ask a question or get their advice, they always respond straight away. I believe things happen for a reason, just not always as you’d expect.