Achieving Financial Independence: Insights from Top South Melbourne Financial Planners

Written by Lana Berkowitz 
on 18 Jul, 2023

Most of you, in fact, almost all of you, will agree that pursuing your passions and living life on your terms with your hard-earned money and without depending on anyone else, even your family, has a different charm. It is not just living life as you want that financial independence facilitates. Instead, it also allows you to build emergency funds, make you more responsible and self-disciplined, induces self-confidence, and keeps you in great mental and physical shape. Unfortunately, achieving financial freedom is a goal many can only dream of and find hard to achieve. But worry no more! We bring you some key insights from top South Melbourne financial planners that will provide you with a look into the various strategies to help you achieve financial independence and attain your financial goals.

Insights on How to Achieve Financial Independence

Here are a few insights from some of the top South Melbourne financial planning experts on achieving financial independence.

1. Define What Financial Independence Means to You

The idea and definition of financial independence differ from person to person. For some, it may be about owning a house, a car, and all modern amenities. For some, it may be about possessing enough money to lead a simple and contented life, while for some, it may be about building a bank balance to travel around the world and familiarize themselves with different cultures. Start by defining your idea of financial independence that will serve as a foundation for your financial planning.

2. Set Realistic and Measurable Goals

Remember, merely defining your idea of financial independence does not guarantee it. It involves setting clear, realistic, and measurable goals, like wealth creation, clearing debts, building an emergency corpus, etc., and breaking them into small, manageable milestones to make them easy to track, accomplish, and stay motivated.

3. Seek Professional Help

Financial planning for achieving financial freedom is difficult to tread and can be overwhelming for many, especially those with limited financial know-how. It is here that trusted financial planners in South Melbourne, with their knowledge and experience, provide a comprehensive outlook, unbiased suggestions, and personalized strategies to help you make informed decisions in your pursuit of financial freedom.

4. Create an Exhaustive Financial Plan

Achieving financial independence requires drawing up a financial plan. Enlist a financial planner to assess your existing financial condition, financial information related to income, assets, debts, expenses, risk-taking capability, and other factors to chart a personalized financial plan aligning with your goals. The plan should include all facets relating to financial planning, such as budgeting, insurance, investments, risk management, tax optimization, retirement planning, wealth creation, etc. It should serve as a roadmap to guide your journey toward financial freedom.

5. Formulate and Implement Savings and Investment Strategies

Once you are done creating your financial plan, it is time to formulate and implement savings and investment strategies. You can seek help from your financial planner, who will assist you in identifying cost-saving areas and formulating and implementing a savings plan that maximizes your savings. Your financial planner can also help you draw investment strategies, identify investment opportunities, liaise with industry professionals, and diversify your investment portfolio for maximum returns.

6. Regularly Review and Adjust Your Plan

Financial planning is not a once-in-a-lifetime activity. Instead, it is an ongoing process aimed at achieving financial independence. As someone once famously said, “Change is the only constant in life”. Reviewing your plan regularly allows you to track its effectiveness, modify your strategies depending on changing market conditions, personal circumstances, and financial goals, replace low-performing assets with high-performing ones, and ensure you stay firmly on the road to financial independence.


Financial independence is rugged and warrants meticulous planning, disciplined execution, and expert and experienced guidance. The good news is that by considering the above insights, you can be clearer in your vision and confidently tread towards attaining financial freedom. SFS Online, one of the leading financial planning firms in South Melbourne, possesses over twenty-five years of experience in helping clients apply real-world insights to their financial decisions and negotiate their journey toward financial independence with success and aplomb.

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